A sales proposal letter is a document which outlines the proposal made by a company in the effort to secure a sale of its product. The details of the transaction must be given and the tone of the letter must be persuasive without being overbearing or imposing in any way. A sales proposal letter is the basis on which further negotiations might be initialed hence it must be written well.

Sample Sales Proposal Letter


Jason Hart,

Chief Managing director,

Sunshine Printers and Copiers Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Sales Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

I hope to put forward our sales offer before you in a manner that convinces you of our integrity and efficiency in this field. We have introduced a new range of paper (A2 and A4) size which serves the needs of every copier and printing facility in the country to the hilt. Our paper is of the best quality and the price at which we are offering it is reasonable to say the least. Since it is produced in our own workshops, we have been able to keep the price within bounds without, in any way, compromising the quality of the product.

We promise to supply you with this paper for your copier and printing facility if you agree to our terms and conditions and finalize the deal. Every stack of paper is priced at $20 irrespective of the size. The papers can also come in various shaded and patterned forms for which a catalogue has been enclosed along with this letter. A sample is also attached with this letter for your perusal. We hope to hear from you soon,

Thanking you,

Jonathan Lowell,