Sales proposal template is an indicator of how a sales proposal should be written so that is it valuable and effective. Sales proposals are documents which outline the sales strategy of a particular individual or group. Sales proposals should encompass the best methods of reaching out to a large client base.

Sample Sales Proposal Template

Name of company: ________________________________

Date of proposal submission: ________________________

Proposal designer: _________________________________ [Fill in the relevant details]

Product name and type: _________________________________________ [Mention details about the name of the product and its nature]

Client base: ___________________________________________________ [identify the client base which is primarily targeted through the product]

Proposals for expanding the existing customer base: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention strategies for reaching out to a larger client base]

Total costs involved in the initial phase of advertising and publicity: $_____________ [Provide an estimate of the initial costs needed for the launch and promotion of the product]

Graphic design or logo accompanying the product: ________________________ [Provide an image of logo of the product that will achieve instant recognition and accessibility]

Date for the first preview of advertisement campaign: ________________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Date for final launching of advertisement campaigns across the country: _______________[dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant dates]

Targeted print and television media: _____________________________________ [Provide a list of the newspapers, magazines and channels which are going to be roped in for advertisement and publicity]

Members in charge of publicity and campaigns: _____________________________ [Give a list of the members of the project, if the contract is going to be allotted to the company]

Objectives as a company: ________________________________________ [Mention the aims of the company]