Sales training proposal is created by a business organization representing their need for a particular sales training. The proposal must highlight the detail of the needs to be fulfilled for carrying out a training process smoothly.

Sample Sales Training Proposal

Name of the Product: Sara Michaels Cosmetic Line

Targeted Client: Women of the age group thirty and above are the targeted client base for the product as this product is basically to stop signs of aging.

Type of Training to be provided: The people who will be trained for the marketing and sale of the anti aging product will be furnished with enough knowledge on skin tones, skin complexion and skin types. Different types of the product will suit various skin tones, the salesperson should be well aware of which type of the product he/she is recommending to the buyer. Basic knowledge regarding the chemical composition of the product and its benefits should be made clear to the salesperson as then he/she would be able to convince the buyer accordingly.

Training period: An approximate time period of a three months training is minimum required for any person to be able to properly manifest the cosmetic skin product for aging women.

Training Location: Training for preparing the representatives to be able to sell the product properly will be held from 23.07.11 onwards at Kristen Grounds Hall under the expert supervision of executives from Sara Michaels Cosmetic House from 11a.m. till 5p.m. with holidays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Shawn George

Training Head

Sara Michaels Cosmetic House