A sample advertising proposal consists of complete information and presentation regarding the advertisement of any product. An advertising proposal should be such that it catches the attraction of the targeted client and also be viable and trustworthy in today’s ever speeding market.


Sample Advertising Proposal


Johannes Medicines proudly presents to you a path breaking invention in the field of inhalers by launching its first Gas-Liquid Compression Inhaler. The first of its kind in the market and immensely helpful for asthmatic patients that will give them tremendous relief from the inhaler pump which they use regularly.


Name of the product and services to be advertised: This gas-liquid inhaler compression liquid is called Gaso-Liquo Nasal Inhaler. Its most prominent features are

  • The capacity to compress the usual inhaler sprays to a liquefied form just before its exit from the nosal with the help of a converter compressive mechanism under immense pressure created by just a press of a piston by the user.
  • Usually patients suffering from asthma after a certain time of use of spray inhalers find it difficult to inhale the spray, on the contrary a liquid is very easy to gulp and also effective faster due to increase in surface area of action.


Targeted Client for the advertisement: This inhaler is only for those who take inhalers on a regular basis and are sick and tired of taking that spray which is painful and strenuous for them.


Theme of the advertisement: The theme of the advertisement will completely base on how the patients could treat their inhaling problem with this solution.


Advertisement regulation:

The electronic media and the print media will also be provided with a copy of advertisements of this product prior to launch.


Date of Launch: 5 June, 2011-03-11