A sample business research proposal is that which answers all the questions or queries a customer might have. To perfect a business research proposal, the first and foremost job is to understand the customers and their specific requirements.

Sample Business Research Proposal

From: John Harvey, 1 High Street, Uptown, NY 11234

Current date: 18. 10. 2010

Objectives: This business idea involves manufacturing and selling outfits and fancy accessories like bag, shoes and ear rings by crafting jute fibres.

Skills and abilities: I have completed a degree in Master of Business Administration in 2006.

Proposed name for the business: ‘Golden Fibres’ is the proposed name of the business.

Key Success factors: No business similar to this exists in New York and the target market is a neighbourhood with mixed ethnicity and is quite near to the office.

Market Research: Jute was initially used as an eco friendly substitute to polythene bags. But, with advancement of technology, jute fibres can be processed such that they can be used to make cloth. These cloth made from jute can be coloured vibrantly and used to make various sorts of accessories. This market is already flourishing in some countries of Asia like Bangladesh, India etc.

Sales: Initially, a shop space in Uptown will be used as the factory and storage. We will participate in the various exhibitions that take place and would try to land up with a few mass production contracts from other companies.

Bibliography: The research was done by accessing various databases on the internet and books from libraries.