A sample charity proposal is a document submitted by a charity organizing company to another company in the interest of raising funds for the latter. It has to be well-crafted in order to be accepted. It has to be an attractive and valuable proposal which is worth consideration.

Sample Charity Proposal

We are: Charity Makers Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal submitted on: 4.3.11

In response to tender number: 4333

Floated by: Imperial Shipping Services

Our aims and objectives: In response to your tender calling for organizers for a charity event to be held on the 4th of next month, we hereby put forth our profile in the hope that we might be selected for this honorable task. In the case of such a development, we are completely equipped with the best technical and personnel resource that can be expected.

Our method of working: Please consult the audio visual presentation attached to this proposal for a more comprehensive outline of our way of proceeding. However, in brief, we will organize meetings with both representatives of your company as well as with various officials from the food, entertainment and hospitality sector for joint discussions on how to proceed.

The benefits we offer: We ensure absolute transparency. All the proceeds from the charity will be handed over to you along with a written record. You also benefit from the advertisement and publicity your company will receive form this event.

Cost: $2000 inclusive of all expenditures. A detailed breakup of costs is also included along with this proposal.

We hope to hear from you soon

Thanking you,

Charity Makers Pvt. Ltd.