A sample consulting proposals must be written in a way to produce the maximum impression in the most concise manner possible. They are essentially documents which are presented to certain companies by a consultation agency, with a view to support and provide advice to a major project.

Sample Consulting Proposal

Consulting agency: Technomatix Consulting Agency

Year of establishment: 1990

Core areas: Business consultancy and management consultancy

Particularized skills which we aim to bring into our work: We operate by means of a core team of extremely experienced and suitably skilled professionals with impeccable references. Our core areas of business consultancy and management consultancy have seen us move form strength to strength in the last couple of years.

Human and technical resources: We take pride in using the most developed and sophisticated software, specially designed by our technical committee, in handling work. Also, we gave a specialized team of troubleshooters who can handle tricky situations at short durations.

Proposals for this particular project: Apart from the successful completion of this major project, we also hope to expand the company’s network in order to secure useful contacts for future projects. We have enclosed a slide presentation of our strengths and previous work along with this proposal.

Fees: We intend to charge $1000 per month till the project is completed. Prices are negotiable once our contract is renewed.

We hope you will consider us after a perusal of the enclosed documents, reference letters etc. we are awaiting any communication from your part.

Thanking you,

Technomatix Consultancy Services

Contact number: 8343747373

Email id: technomatix@email.com