A sample consumer proposal is a complete bid to provide details regarding any particular product which a company launches targeting a certain group of consumers and thus is generally put forward just before the market entry of the product to generate a certain level of interest regarding it and also to get a preview of the level of acceptance of that product.


Sample Consumer Proposal


Robinson Skin Products has been serving its customers and clients for the past 15 years with unfailing quality maintenance and cent percent customer satisfaction. We are enriching the cosmetics industry with a wide range of products and hope to dos o for years ahead.


Name of the product and services:

  • Frupulp Face Wash which removes marks and wrinkles and has an anti-tan mechanism.
  • Complete removal of dark spots and lines on skin and skin brightening guaranteed.


Purpose: A face wash which does deep pore cleansing and removal of dead cells and dark spots and has an anti-tan effect which helps to have the same skin tone for every part of the face.


Targeted Client: Frupulp Face Wash is targeted for women between the age group thirty to forty-five.  Women of this age will be benefited a lot using this product.


Features of the face wash on which the sales will be emphasized on: The sales will be emphasised keeping in limelight the anti-tan and spot reduction mechanism of the face wash.


Modes of Publicity: This product will be initially be campaigned at each and ever shopping mall of united states  so that it reaches the mass and in the form of small stalls so that the layman can access it and know about the face wash. The electronic media and the print media will also be provided with a copy of advertisements of this product prior to launch.


Date of the product launch: 1st May, 2011.


Price of the product: $ 75


Availability: The product will be available within 2 days of launch in each and every departmental store and malls and even various marts.