A Sample contract proposal is written to outline the contract proposals between a client and a contractor regarding any services that the contractor might agree to provide.

Sample Contract Proposal

Service Contract for Content Writing Services

This Service Contract is made on 5th April, 2010, between Mark’s IMS, herein referred to as “Client”, and CIEM Group of Writers, herein referred to as “Contractor”.

1. Services to Be Performed.
Contractor concurs to supply the following services for Client.

a. Writing 400 word articles in batches of 10 articles each

b. The articles should be authorised and should pass softwares like Copy Scape and Plagiarism Checker

c. Submitting by the given deadline is mandatory and failing to do so would result in unpleasant consequences.

2. Payment. In contemplation and for reimbursement of Contractor’s presentation of these services, Client concurs to recompense The Contractor the reciprocally agreed upon worth of $50 for each 400 word article by no later than 5th of every month through PayPal.

3. Time Considerations. The term of this agreement is for a period of 12 months or 1 year from the starting date.

4. Termination Provisions. Both the Client and Contractor may, by mutual agreement, conclude their contract by sending written notice to the other party.

5. Legal Venue. The court of law will be approached in case of any disagreements arising from this contract and the contract will be arbitrated in Los Angeles. This contract shall be governed in agreement with the laws and protocols of the State of Los Angeles, USA.