A sample design proposal is a document which is prepared and sent by a designer or a design firm to a company or individual who has commissioned it. The sample deign proposal must be concise yet comprehensive. Depending on the kind of commission, it can be an interior design proposal or an architectural blue print or any design of any nature.

Sample Design Proposal

Name of design proposal: Sample Interior Design Proposal for Office.

Date of submission of design proposal: 22nd July 2011

Design proposal submitted to: Johnson Inc.

Design proposal submitted by: Laminates Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of design proposal:

  • This sample design proposal contains a layout of the office designs that we had fixed upon after our last meeting on the 5th of March 2011.
  • It contains samples of the color scheme we plan to use, as well as fabric for office upholstery.
  • This sample design proposal is for your approval. Any changes that you suggest will be incorporated in further stages of the interior design project.
  • Work shall commence from august 2011 hence it is imperative that you respond soon with your suggestions and proposals for change.
  • The total cost of the interior designing project for your office will amount to $30037400
  • The project is expected to be completed by August 2012.

Our core interior design team consists of: Sarah Jones, Mary Clark and Andrew Jacob.

For further information please contact: 3847487. We hope you will respond soon with your opinion and suggestions. Thanking you,

Abel Rogers

Executive Director

Laminates Pvt. Ltd.

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