For any job, a prospective candidate writes a sample employment proposal. The employment proposal of a person lists out the background, basic qualifications, experience in employment, special achievements in academics and extracurricular activities. Depending upon this, the candidate is judged and the employment position is dependent on this.

Sample Employment Proposal

From: Victoria Beckham

Address: 44/1/A, J. M. Lane, UK

Contact number: 1234567890

Aim: As a trained professional in the field of biology I wish to secure an employment position in a reputed company in a related department where I can nurture my skills and make some significant contribution towards the improvement of the organization.

Educational Background:

  • I passed from Auxilium Convent High School in 1996 with 79% percent marks in aggregate
  • I received Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology with 82% in aggregate from London University in 1999
  • In 2003, I acquired the Master of Science degree in Biotechnology with 81% from Boston University in 2003

Projects and Poster presentation:

  • In 1998, I made a poster presentation on ‘Making durable plastic from various organic sources’
  • In 2002, I did a project on ‘Shear stress and the strength that the different types of plastic made from organic sources can endure.’

Training undertaken:

  • In 1999, I undertook industrial training in Metro Pharmaceutical Industries
  • In 2003, I did industrial training in ‘London Dairy Company’

Experience in Job:

  • I joined LMBC Biotech as a trainee in 2004
  • By 2006, I was absorbed into LMBC Biotech as a Junior Research Scientist