A sample event proposal lists the details of a forthcoming event a company is going to organize for a client. It gives all the technical and management oriented details for the client to view as well as provides an estimated cost for the event.

Sample Event Proposal

Summary of Request

Title of Event: ‘Costume Jewellery Fair’

Venue and Time of Event: APC Community Hall, 42 Pennsylvania Street, Upton, NY 11973

From 20th – 22nd November, 2010

Proposed By: Joey Vronsky, Managing Director

Agency Name: Twinkle Inc, 20 Pennsylvania Street, Upton, NY 11973

Event Description:

With gold and platinum becoming pricier day by day, most people are shifting their attention towards costume jewellery. No wonder that industry has expanded so much. This is a little endeavour from our side to bring the various branches of costume jewellery together under one roof. Customers can buy from a vast range. Self employed people who wish to take up jewellery making and join the industry can undergo the workshops that have been organized.

Statement of Merit:

In this event, not only industries manufacturing jewellery with various stones and metal are participating but handicrafts industry who works with jute, fruit seeds, mother of pearl, wooden pieces, buttons and almost everything else under the sun are also present.

Audio Visual Requirements:

  • DVD Player
  • LCD Projector
  • Speaker

The Various Events:

20th November: Inauguration of the event, introduction of the various participants

21st November: Jewellery making workshop with metals and stones

22nd November: Workshop on various handicraft based jewellery industry from foreign countries like Spain, Nairobi, India, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai etc.