A sample funding proposal provides complete overview of the reason, requirement and resolution for the need of a fund by any charitable organisation or individual for a noble cause. A funding proposal depicts the basic needs and demands for the fund and also portrays the necessity of the fund.


Sample Funding Proposal

Name of the organization who wants the fund: Michigan Charitable Trust for the Cancer Effected wants a fund for their annual felicitation program for the people who are fighting cancer with a brave heart.


Date of Felicitation to be held: 1st, June, 2011.


Features to be highlighted in the Function: In this event all the cancer patients with whom the trust is associated with for the past seven years will be felicitated for their brave attempt to fight cancer with a smile and set an example for the mankind to live life with a hope.


Purpose for asking the Fund: Jane Morgan, the Chairperson of the Michigan Charitable Trust asks humbly for funds from Ziskon United, Chicago, for our annual felicitation. We demand a help from your esteemed organisation at will not only benefit us but also lift the good will and humane factor of your company.


Last Date of approving the proposal: 10th April. 2011.


Cost expected for the Purpose: Approximately a fund of $50,000 is required to carry out the event in a well organised and planned way and satisfy all the victims and their families.

Features to be changed from the existing Function held: This time a Cash bonus of $1000 will be handed over to the victim’s family members and a complete anti- cancer one time useable kit will be provided.