A sample government proposal should be such that it is attractive as well as comprehensive and appealing at the same time so that it can serve its purpose of approval of a grant from the government. A government proposal should be concise and to the point yet with a solid base on whose basis a grant is demanded from the government. Be it land, fund or any help, a proposal can demand any of the said from the government for the benefit of the nation in a broader way.


Sample Government Proposal

Name of Organisation Demanding the Fund: The Ohio Leukaemia Society wants the United States Government to kindly grant some funds.


Purpose: The Ohio Leukaemia Society deals with patients suffering from Leukaemia and helps them in any possible way. It is a society for those who are affected by this ailment yet cannot fight with it due to lack of resources. So the Ohio Society requests the government to grant them some funds for developing a specialised Leukaemia Government Hospital where such needy people suffering from blood cancer will be treated for a very nominal cost and in case basis even for free.


Specialities of the Hospital:


  • The hospital will be served by specialist oncologists brought from the best government colleges and medical facilities will be available 24*7.


  • A blood bank of its own will be a highlight of the hospital.


  • Important yet costly medicines will be provided free to the patients as the hospital is all about being humane.


Scheduled date of Commencement of the work of the hospital: 4th, August, 2011


Scheduled date for approving the proposal: 21st, July, 2011


Approximate Cost: An approximate cost of $ 3 million will be required to construct a hospital and furnish it with required tools and equipments to treat the patients.