A sample IT proposal is a document prepared by one company pitching forth its services and experience to another company. It must be well written and expressive of the qualities that matter to both companies. It must be comprehensive and nuanced.

Sample IT Proposal

Name: Delta Solutions Inc.

Proposal put forth in response to tender number: 848324832

Tender floated by: Sun Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal for: The software we are offering will ease your problems with the storage of large chunks of data. It is a hassle free and efficient software that lets you operate enormous amounts of data with the simplest of maneuvers.

The advantages we offer over other IT companies: We take pride in our technical and human resources. We work with the most updated softwares in the market and our projects are helmed by educated and extremely experienced professionals with impeccable academic orientation and references.

Cost of the software: $30000. This includes installation charges, as well as troubleshooting expenses. If the contract (which is for a year) is renewed, prices are negotiable.

References from customers who have benefitted from the product: Enclosed with the proposal are reference letters from top multinational corporations who have profited from this association like Jayson Microsystems, Digital Networks, and Lava Systems.

Our brand value: We have, over the years, built up an image of trustworthiness and credibility. This synergizes with your standing in world of information technology and hence we would like to extend this association into a professional relationship.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Thanking you,

Jason Hardy,

Executive Director.