A Sample job proposal is written by a prospective candidate for any job. The job proposal would essentially contain the qualifications and experience of the person in the related industries and his or her career objectives. This job proposal gives out the basic necessary information about the candidate and helps to spark the interest of the interviewers.

Sample Job Proposal

From: Victoria Inouye

Address: 44/1/A, J. M. Lane, Square Plaza UK

Contact number: 1234567890

Aim: To acquire an employment position in the biotechnology sector of the reputed multinational company R. C. G and expand my knowledge and experience and in turn contribute towards the growth and benefit of the company itself.

Educational Background:

  • Completed schooling from New Age High School with 85% percent marks in aggregate in the year 1996
  • In 1999, acquired Bachelor of Science degree in biotechnology from London University with 82% in aggregate
  • Procured Master of Science degree in biotechnology with 79% from London University in the year 2003

Projects and Poster presentation:

  • 1998 – Poster presentation on ‘Making a low cost water filter with organic material completely’
  • 2002 – Project on ‘Comparative study on the amount of alcohol that can be extracted from fruit waste and saw dust.’

Training undertaken:

  • 1999 – undertook industrial training in Metro Dairy Industries
  • 2003 – did industrial training in ‘East London Pharmaceutical Company’

Experience in Job:

  • 2005 – joined IFB Biotech as a trainee
  • 2006 – was absorbed into IFB Biotech as a Junior Research Scientist after a written exam and a test