A sample love proposal is a way of expressing one’s love for one’s beloved. It is usually written in the form of a letter in order to let the person know how much he or she loves him. It is love proposal because the beloved has the option of accepting or rejecting the proposal and it is up o you how you frame your words so that you can create a good impression on the person. A love proposal is not a formal proposal that one makes for official purposes. There are no fixed rules or regulations to be followed neither is there any set pattern which one needs to comply to. It must be written from the heart so that the proposal is accepted and relationship can begin.

Sample Love Proposal:

Name of receiver: Judy Smith

Address: 12 West Wind Road, Dallas

Purpose: To make a love proposal to one’s beloved

Proposal content:

Dear Judy,

Please accept this note as an expression of my love for you. I have never met a woman like you before and every time you are with me it takes my breath away. I want you to think about this and give us a chance so that we may have a relationship. You are free to reject my love proposal but I would be extremely elated if you would accept it. I promise to forever keep you happy and fulfil all your wishes. Hoping for a positive reply from you soon.

Sender: Adam Jones

Address: 119 Kory Lane, Dallas

Date: January 10, 2012

Place: Dallas