A sample marketing proposal is a highly detailed and well researched plan to market a company, brand, product or service. It is an essential document for both upcoming companies and larger corporate organizations. The marketing proposal lets the personnel look into both the internal and external aspect of the plan and understand the results of the past marketing strategy and the target audience for whom they operate.

Sample Marketing Proposal

I.            Executive Summar

‘Big Dolphin Inc.’ is a company that designs flash based computer games with excellent graphics and easy usability. Till date, it was a website based gaming site. But now, we wish to conquer newer fronts in business and we have decided to make offline game DVD’s.

II.          Business Overview

Over the past 5 years, our number of game users has increased by 10 times. We have obtained sponsorships from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Rediff and many other companies. We also specialize in designing games for larger corporation houses. This has pushed up our sales and our profits have reached an all time high.

III.       Target Market

Our target market is mainly heavy computer users and gamers who play flash games. This category may include gamers of every possible age – right from eight to eighty.

IV.        Goals

In this year, we would be coming up with new games in a DVD pack for our loyal users. This is an effort to reach out to the many offline gamers and those who for some reason are unable to access our website. We wish to push up the sales and target a profit of 81%.