A sample proposal letter demonstrates the principles which govern the composition of proposal letters in general. Most organizations, at all levels, demand a proposal before awarding a contract or before granting funds for a project. Hence they are extremely important for the initial negotiation and must be written accordingly.

Sample Proposal Letter


Jacob Reina,

Head of Department,

Department of English,

Illinois University.

Subject: Request for funds

4th March, 2011

Respected Sir,

This letter is a request for funds for our annual research project under the Dr. Jenny Scholar Research Foundation. This year we have planned to extend the department’s research in the field of European Renaissance further and we have decided to explore the interconnections between Renaissance movements in various countries. We especially seek to discover a strong link between the Italian Renaissance and the English Renaissance

In order to complete the project with any degree of success, we will need not only access to books and academic journals in libraries all over the country, we will also need to establish a connection with the Italian Consulate for further cooperation and collaboration. The total estimated cost of the entire project is about $3000.

We seek your assistance with the conviction that you will further our cause and provide us with the necessary financial and infrastructural help. Our project is a prestigious one helmed by students from the post graduate section of our department, and excelling in it has been a longstanding tradition of our university. We hope to carry forward the legacy established by our seniors.

Thanking you,

Robin Marshall