A sample research paper proposal considers overall topic ideas, research question, research process, sources what will be the subsequent steps for the project.  Before beginning to make a presentation, a seminar paper or any experiment, many disciplines require written proposals. Depending on the scope and scale of the project at hand, the sample research paper may vary in length. It may also include other features depending upon the discipline and its specific needs.

Sample Research Paper Proposal

Date: 2. 12. 2010

To: Professor John Cusack

From: Paula Henning

Email Address: paulah@ymail.com

Title of my paper: Extraction of Alcohol from Fruit Waste

Statement of purpose: Although production of industry grade alcohol is quite wide spread now, alcohol extraction from fruit waste would be very highly economic. In this project, my aim is to extract alcohol from the various types of fruit wastes and do a comparative study on how much alcohol was obtained from each type of fruit waste.

Background: I have attended lectures on fermentation procedures and alcohol production in the industries. I believe these are going to help me perform the experiment.

Significance: From the results of a successful experiment, a new industry can emerge that uses only fruit waste for extraction of alcohol thus saving quite an amount in purchasing raw materials.

Description: The results will be obtained from experiment.

Methodology: Traditional fermentation processes would be combined with biotechnological methods using specific strains of Saccharomyces cerevisae.

Bibliography: Mainly laboratory manuals were referred to. Microbiology books by Prescott and Pelczar were also of great help.