A sample research proposal is a letter of request to conduct a research on a special field of art or science. Since this kind of a proposal is accepted after a thorough background check of the applicant, one must make the request on the basis of the requirements asked for. The candidate must corroborate the eligibilities put forward by the research company and uphold his interests in research.

Sample Psychological Research Proposal

Name of the research institution: School of Juvenile Delinquents

Year of establishment: 1540

Research specification: Identification of psychological causes and development of treatment methods, creative work and therapy patterns for children under the age of 18 years who have been linked with criminal activities or those who are in custody.

Subject of proposal: I am keen to conduct a study on the psychological and social factors responsible for transforming a child into a juvenile delinquent. I want to do an expansive research on this issue and find out the exact causes so that in future occurrence of such cases can be curbed effectively.

Tools of research: The following tools may be employed to explore the specific causes:

  • Longitudinal research may be used to track the psychological growth of children in criminal families.
  • Cross-sectional research may be used to compare and contrast delinquent behaviours and attitudes across communities.
  • Quantitative research must be used to gather data and statistical information about the occurrences.
  • Case history research must be used to find out the background of the delinquents and the societal pressures they were subjected to.

Estimated budget: $3500 approximately

Timeline of the project: Maximum 18months

Bony Cox

Junior Researcher

Harvard University