A school charity proposal is often designed by a fundraising agency to spread the idea of building up schools to help the alone, abandoned and orphaned children, so that they can get all those extra benefits required for their proper upbringing, which the local public schools fail to provide. This type of a proposal calls for donations by other organizations to support the cause.

Sample School Charity Proposal

Name of charitable organization: Sunrise Co.

Address: 34 Houston Bay, South Park

Contact Number: 080 – 2202 5472

Name of School: The Renaissance School for Vulnerable Children.

Area of development: Houstoun Gardens, South Bay

Duration of development: May 2, 2011 – May 31, 2012.

Total cost: $. 10000000

Missions to be accomplished:

  • To create a sustainable environment of education that will enable the social and cultural integration of the previously mentioned marginalized section of children.
  • To strengthen them not only by providing education, but also through childcare and health facilities, thereby ensuring the development of a firm dignity and sense of independence among the individuals and the community as a whole.
  • To reform children who had sought to stealing and other ill practices for existence and teach them to relive their lives in the correct and honest path.
  • To provide the orphaned and deprived child those special psychological and emotional needs that he requires but cannot be expected from even the best public schools, in those large classrooms and from the busy teachers.

Work Plan:

  • Students are to be taught in small classroom structures, by efficient teachers who can instill a sense of discipline and out-of-the box thinking abilities.
  • The educational pattern must meet national standards.
  • Each child must be taught as per his unique needs.
  • Breakfast and lunch should be provided.