A school is the fundamental place where one can begin his/her education in the society. A good school is able to build a better nation for tomorrow by wisely educating the future citizens. A school construction proposal is an official document that is being presented to the federal/local government in regards to constructing a school at a locality. The proposal consists of particular work details in a nutshell. It also needs to have few basic details about the registered company that designs it. The address of the head office of the company and the name of the person who has formulated the proposal are essentially mentioned.

Sample School Construction Proposal

Name of the company: Social Realty Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 14 / YR Brown Street, Denver – 91, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Sam Fletcher

Total budget of the complete project: $700, 00 – $800, 00

The time-frame of completing the whole project: 12 – 14 months

The main work details of the school construction proposal:

  • Setting the location and the allied technical features required for constructing the school.
  • Incorporating the technological and safety regulations.
  • Processing the required of the infrastructural details for the school building.

The chief objectives of the building construction proposal:

  • Helping the community grow by providing a quality educational institute.
  • Managing the revenue earnings and sharing it with the authority.
  • Establishing a cordial relation with the local government for probable future projects.

Signature of the proposal manager: Mr. Tim Lucas