A school education proposal is a document which highlights the measures which need to be taken in order to bring about a significant change to the existing structure of a school, whether it is in terms of syllabi to be followed, or projects, or in terms of the general nature of education to be offered. Thus, a school education proposal is an important document which must be written well, and contain a well thought out plan.

Sample School Education Proposal:

School education proposal presented by: Welland Joy School.

School education proposal presented for approval to: Council of Higher Secondary Education

Date of submission of school education proposal: 2nd June 2011

Purpose of school education proposal: To request funds in order to enable students to participate in educational excursions.

Abstract of the school education proposal:

  • We have a total strength of 200 students currently studying in classes 9 and 10, of which 180 have Geography in their board examination curriculum. The Geography syllabus makes provision for field trips to nearby places, and we believe that not only are these trips fun for the students, they are also highly informative and educational.
  • However, we do not have the requisite funds to take so many students on field trips. Since our school caters to a large section of the students from impoverished families who survive on social security alone, they cannot be expected to bear their own costs either.
  • The need for this educational trip will hopefully convince you to provide us with the requisite funds.