A school event proposal is usually written by the cultural or academic committee of any school with the sole intention to gain sponsorship for any school event. Such a layout is usually made to receive sponsors to fund the event.

Sample School Event Proposal

Name of the Event: American Spastic School’s Art Meet 2011

Purpose: American Spastic School organises its third Art Meet which is nothing but a measure to lift up the moral of the spastic kids and keep them going with indomitable spirit.

Date of the event: 5th July 2011

Event Management Details:

  • Special volunteers will be there to manage and attend the participants.
  • Refreshments will be given to participants and organisers.
  • The event will be organised at the school premises and the founder of the school will be the chief guest and the meet will be held for three days.
  • Outsiders will be allowed entry via passes which be available for a nominal fee of $10 from the school office.
  • Risk and security management will be taken care off for everyone.

Publicity Management of the event:

  • Publicity of the event would be managed by the Kids forte News channel and by the 89.3 radio station.
  • All the esteemed Newspapers will publicise this event.

Total investment till date for organizing the charity event: $ 20000

Last date of getting sponsorship: 15th June 2011

Sponsors are requested to apply as early as possible as sponsorship will be issued on first-come-first-serve basis. Sponsors of previous year are requested to renew their sponsorship as soon as possible.

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