A school event sponsorship proposal is a kind of a proposal which the school authorities use to draw out sponsors for events organised by the school. The prospective sponsors can be academic entities or the parents of the students etc. A sample of such a proposal is provided below for your reference.

Sample School Event Sponsorship Proposal


Proposal Prepared and Presented by:

Mrs. Kara Gills

Principal/ Students Protection Committee Chair

Dalton High School

2142, Wilson Street, Harmon Portville

California, Unites States of America



  • Parents & Guidance Committee, Harmon Portville, California.
  • Student Counselling Committee, Dalton High School, Harmon Portville, California.
  • Brooks & Brooks Enterprises, California, USA.
  • Glisten Enterprises Ltd., California, USA.
  • Martin Looks Corporations, California, USA.

Agenda of the Proposal:

The Dalton High School has planned to organise a school event to create awareness amongst its students about the increasing crimes by teenagers in the society. The event is called The Crimes Suppression and Vigilance Drive. The event is for all the students from 3rd grade to the final year high school students.


Proposal Details:

  • The high school authorities have decided to conduct the above stated “Crimes Suppression and Vigilance Drive” on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
  • The event will be conducted on the school premises and the students will be joined by their parents/ local guardians.
  • The drive will include a play by the high school students, a street play by juniors, and an educational debate/ speech by the teachers.
  • We are also accommodating of any external social groups who want to add and act/ segment to the event.

Through this proposal we are seeking support from the families of the students and the community we are a part of. We urge you to kindly sponsor the events and provide us the support in any way possible.