The science project proposal is created by students as a part of their curriculum. This can be done by students of both schools and colleges. The proposal need to be specific and should address all the aspects that will be covered. If there is a particular theme, it should be stated clearly in the proposal. The scientific processes that are to be implemented must be highlighted. All advantages and disadvantages need to be stated as well. If there are any risks or any hazardous materials that are to be used, it should be mentioned explicitly in the project proposal.

Sample Science Project Proposal

Science Project Proposal has been created for the Annual Science Convention held in the school. All students of the school can participate.

Name of Student: Andy Marks.

Grade: 10th standard.

Name of School: McKinley Middle School.

Name of Science project proposed: Vesuvius Volcanic Explosion (replica).

Detailed outline of the Science Proposal:

  • An exact replica of Mt. Vesuvius is to be created with the help of cardboard which will be rolled into a cone and then covered with brown chart paper.
  • After this, the cone will be given a proper clay base and the interiors will also be filled with clay.
  • A tunnel will be created within which will be connected to a wired funnel plugged into a socket into which baking soda and sodium bicarbonate mixture will be inserted.
  • When the funnel is switched on, there will be a reaction of the mixture that will cause the explosion and release of lava-like substance.


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