A security consultancy proposal is a proposal framed by an IT security or any other security firm to propose security services to a business company or person. The proposal must give details of the services which the service consultant is willing to offer and must also state the price of the consultancy.  A sample of one such security consultancy proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample security consultancy proposal

Name of IT security Consultancy Company: Quentin IT Solutions

Address of the company: B-56, second floor, Henderson tower, Jackson road, New York

Contact number: 407030557, 473975093

Proposal prepared and presented by: Billy Anthony

Owner, Quentin IT Solution

Proposal presented on: 15th Aug 2014

Proposal presented to:  Tim Pattinson,

Owner, Pattinson Group of Companies

Proposal accepted on: 17th Aug 2014

Proposal objective:

This is a security consultancy proposal which is being framed to propose security consultancy services to your company for a time period of 1 year. We shall be providing IT, network and computer security consultancy services to you during this duration.

About Quentin IT Solutions:

Quentin IT Solutions is a one stop shop for all your IT installation, security and repair needs. We offer consultancy services within and outside London and have been working as consultants since the year 2000.

Details of security consultancy:

  • We shall be offering you consultancy for all your computer and IT Security needs and would be offering both onsite and offsite help.
  • We shall be employing 2 of our consultants in your service for the effective period and they shall be present at your address within 2 hours of placing request.
  • In case of emergency services, you can request offsite help or consultancy from these 2 consultants.
  • We shall be charging a total yearly sum of $5000 which you will need to pay before commencement of services.