Security job proposal is an official draft documented by a person who seeks job in Security Department of a firm/company. This proposal must be composed in an attractive and compelling way to grab the employer’s attentions. It should contain the details of the job seeker, his experiences with past employers, and should also list his qualification and training records. He should give a detailed record of his skills and why he should be considered an important candidate for the said post.

Sample Security job proposal

Name of the company applying to: Adz solutions pvt.Ltd.

Address: Raven Heights, 23rd floor, 12th Baltimore Street, New Jersey, USA.

Name of the Applicant: Robert Peterson.

Name of the proposal: proposal for the position of Security Personnel at Adz Solutions

Proposal prepared on: 15th September, 2014.

Proposal submitted on: 17th September, 2014.

Purpose of proposal:

The purpose of submitting this job proposal is to bring to your perusal about my past experiences and expertise in the field of security and other similar dealings. I would like to showcase my efficiency in this field as I have a good exposure in this field. I have worked in reputed security agencies and have been hired by top companies as their security departmental head.

Details of the job proposal:

Qualification: I have the required physical fitness and thorough training required for the mentioned job. In addition to this I have a 9 month training certificate and the required license which has been mentioned as one of the most essential criteria of this job profile.

Work experience: I have worked under the reputed Security agency Arms and Armors from 2011-2013. I have been hired by reputed firms and have a detailed knowledge of handlings a varied range of situations.

Skills: working through the years I have attained the following skills such as: physical fitness, punctuality, ability to handle different situations, good communication skills and ready to deliver my work with efficiency.