Security training proposal refers to that proposal which is prepared by a training facility/ organisation/ service provider to an entity which may require such services. There are some special security agencies which train security personnel for business in addition to providing security. A sample of the security training proposal presented below is where a security agency is proposing to train the business’s security personnel.

Sample Security Training Proposal:

Proposal presented to: Mrs. Kirsten Roberts, MD, Mirada Group of Companies, NY Division

Organisation Name: Mirada Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Address: 23rd& 27th, Lexington Avenue, Frat Corporate Towers, New York, USA.

Date of presentation: 3rd of March 2014

Proposal prepared and presented by: Mr. Josh Harmon, Senior Executive

Company Name: Carson Security Services Ltd. (New York), United States.

About Carson Security Services Ltd:

We have been serving customers across all industries in the economy for the past 15 years. Carson is known for its dedication to each and every client and for its impeccable sense of security deliverance. The


As per the proposal, Carson Services will be training the in house security employees at the Mirada Group, New York. Our approach will train the employees to make the best of every situation. It will equip them to handle the security on their won and become independent in security planning/ arrangements.


  • The services agency will send 2 of its security trainers (per 10 employees/ trainees).
  • The trained security employees will train the company security staff in physical combat, mobility, and agility and vigilance as core values.
  • The training services will be provided for the one- time fee charge of $3800.
  • The client can also ask for direct assistance in security i.e. the security agency can prepare a team of security staff for the business which will include employees for the business as well as the agency.