A self-employment proposal is a document which exposes the objective and background of a person applying for self-employment. Such a document must be written profoundly with attention given to the person’s characteristics and outlook towards business. Since the business is conducted independently, the document must unleash his supervisory skills.

Sample Self-Employment Proposal

Title of the proposal: Self-employment

Proposal given to: Jackson Dealers

Proposal given by: Jakarta Bony

Address: 78, N.K Road, US

Contact number: 739372966

Business proprietorship: Durable plastics

Purpose of the proposal: I want to put my abilities and skills to test by accepting client orders and successfully carrying them out on time since I want to become a triumphant and established self-employed person and receive laudation for my discerning service quality.

Academic qualifications:

  • I have got 80% marks in aggregate for my school leaving exams from St Agnes Covent School, UK.
  • I did my graduation in management from University College London and qualified the exams with 79% marks in all.
  • I have done my masters in marketing management and passed the exams getting 77% marks on average from the same institution.

Training and experiences:

I have learnt the tactics and mastered a great percentage of the accounting skills required in successful carrying out of a business during my 2 year spell as a trainee and then as a chief marketing executive of Barlow Firm. Due to my volition to pursue an independent business, I discontinued the job.

Business role and principle: My principle of working would be centred on the SECA (Self-Employment Contributions Act)

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