The senior project proposal is created specifically by students especially those who are about to graduate from schools and colleges. This is a proposal for a possible research that needs to be done for a good grade. It can also be a general proposal which need not be academic and can pertain to arts, sports etc. The student is required to create a formal outline of the possible project and submit it to the teacher in charge. It is important to focus on the syllabi of the institution and pay attention to field trips etc. This project can also be outside the syllabus but must be relevant to the curriculum.

Sample Senior Project Proposal

Name of Student: Mark Jacobs.

Student of: St. Patrick’s High School.

Standard: 12th

Project Proposal: Project on the importance of using recycled paper for notebook and other related production.

Important Aspects to be covered:

  • Deforestation is the primary concern. There is a need to conserve natural resources.
  • Paper production is one of the biggest reasons for deforestation.
  • Recycling is an alternative for conservation.
  • Processes of recycling which are not just cost-effective but also useful and hence needs to be implemented.
  • Alternates to paper will also be suggested.

Approached to be adapted:

  • Research on different factories and industries that produce papers and contrast the process to those that use recycled paper for production.
  • See pros and cons to using recycled paper.
  • Create feasible plans that can be adopted by different factories for ensuring preservation of natural resources.