A service contract proposal is an agreement outlining the terms and conditions on which a service contract is framed. It must be clearly enumerated and all the areas of contention must be clearly specified to avoid any misunderstanding. A service contract proposal can also be legally binding and must act as a frame of reference should any dispute arise.

Sample Service Contract Proposal

Service contract number: 3247464

This service contract is an agreement between the following parties with regards to the services provided by one group and the kind of services demanded by the other. All details of the service contract are binding and it must be read carefully before accepting. Terms and conditions are specified below:

  • Services provided by: Skylight Motors
  • Services required by: Roger Benny
  • Date of drawing up of service contract: 4th May 2011
  • Services required: Complete servicing of car [Model: Porsche 45, Color: Black] including replacement of battery.
  • Car deposited on: 3rd May, 2011
  • Car to be handed over to Mr. Roger Benny on: 6th may 2011
  • Payment: $ 100
  • Mode of payment: An advance of $40 has been made in the form of a cheque addressed to Skylight Motors, on the 2nd of May, 2011 [Cheque number-7467467]. The remaining amount will be paid at the time of final delivery of said car.

We hope to deliver your car safe and sound and spanking new. Please contact 8347343 for more information.


Mr. roger Benny

James McIvor, head of repairs division, Skylight Motors.