A simple wedding proposal is a sweet note of love wherein one expresses love and a desire to spend precious and lifelong romantic moments with his/ her beloved. Wedding is perhaps the most crucial as well as private decision in one’s life and thus such proposals that speak of wedding needs to be well-written with true passion and sincerity. It is always advisable to write it in person and avoid ornamental presentation of ideas as they steal the innocence of the feeling.

Sample Simple Wedding Proposal

My dearest Stephanie,

This proposal comes to you as a humble confession of the love I feel for you. It has been quite a long time since we realized that the two of us were made just for one another, and since then you have always been with me through every thick and thin and supported me just like a true partner does. Now it is time I ask you for marriage, and tie ourselves in this social bonding that would portray the lovely bond we share. Will you please marry me sweetheart? I would like to wake up each morning with your beautiful voice ringing in my ears and also go to sleep beside you, watching you. It would be really hard for me to even consider anyone but you as my life partner. I cannot simply imagine taking up responsibilities and living a family life without you beside me, for the constant support and enormous love you give me; and also to be angry with me at times, so that we could fight and then be lovebirds again. I want you to be my wife now and forever and I promise to be there for you in every aspect of life, to be a part of all your joys and sorrows, failures and success, and sincerely commit to this eternal bond of love.

Yours lovingly,