A small business marketing proposal is a document which enlists the plans and strategies which will enable a small business organization move forward and publicize itself. It is especially vital for small business to bank on effective publicity machinery as they usually do not have the scale or resources to reach out to customers otherwise. Word of mouth publicity can generate huge interest so the effective planning of such a proposal is crucial.

Sample Small Business Marketing Proposal

Name of small business: Jenna’s Herbal Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal submitted by: Sam Carollini, Co-owner of Jenna’s Herbal

Date of submission of proposal: 1st January 2011

Abstract of the proposal:

  • We intend to make use of word of mouth publicity for our small business as that is both cost effective and powerful. To that end, we shall hold trial demonstrations at various parlors as well as hand out free sample packs of our products.
  • We are a small local organization and thus we will utilize our local newspaper for advertisements and thereby connect with the local populace who shall form our chief clientele.
  • We also hope to hand out fliers and pamphlets on a door-to-door campaign to make people aware of our products and its benefits.

Estimated cost of the marketing campaign: $30000

The initial collateral will be put up by the owners of Jenna’s Herbal

Core marketing and publicity designers: Jenna Carollini, Sam Carollini and Donna Carollini

Date for the launch of the campaign: 4th June 2011

For more information please contact: 48347832.