A small restaurant business proposal is a kind of a proposal which is developed or framed by a small restaurant business executive in order to lay down a certain plan or scheme which is likely to bring about profit for the business. These proposals are sent to or presented to business owners to take their consent so that the business plan can be executed.

The owner evaluates the negatives and the positives of the proposal and then comes to a conclusion about accepting or rejecting the proposal. Given below is a sample of a small restaurant business proposal that can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Small Restaurant Business Proposal:

Name of the restaurant: Snack Counter

Address of the restaurant: D-90, timothy street, Pablo Avenue, London

Small restaurant business proposal prepared on: 3rd April 2014

Small restaurant business proposal presented on: 10th April 2014

Proposal prepared by: Greg Brown

Business manager

Snack Counter restaurant

Proposal signed and approved by: William Hedge

Restaurant owner

Snack Counter

Objective: this is a small restaurant business proposal which is prepared with the aim of improving the revenue of the restaurant and attracting more customers by adopting new marketing plans and strategies. The proposal focusses on effective advertising and improving of restaurant services.

Details of small restaurant business proposal:

  • The restaurant needs to work on its ambience and music, as demanded by many customers in customer satisfaction surveys.
  • The food quality and menu needs improvement. This calls for adding 2 more cuisines to the menu-Chinese and Thai.
  • The restaurant needs effective marketing strategies which can be achieved by increased focus on social media marketing.
  • The restaurant needs to come more in public eye and this can be achieved by putting up restaurant hoardings through London in the coming few months.

Estimated cost of plan: $20000