Social media consulting proposal is a document, which is presented if a social media business is experiencing issues and that requires consultation. Hence, this kind of proposal must be constructed comprehensively so that it highlights the essential issues that a particular business is facing.

Sample Social Media Consulting Proposal

Name of the social media organization: Richards social media organization

About us: In last 7years we turned out to be one of the best social marketers and successful in creating maximum impact through social media strategies. Infact our website has turned out to be world’s no 1 social news covering site.

Issue in the business: A sudden issue related to the entire process has evolved recently. If the problem is not nipped into the bud immediately then it might hamper the entire business in the long run. The loopholes are as follows:

  • Lack of resources, tools and creative bend of mind
  • Business is not getting processed on the set strategy due to lack of employee efficiency

Consultancy required: All the independent social media consultants are requested to assemble on a talk, which will held at the seminar hall of our office on 8th July 2011.

Last date for enrolling names as a consultant:  8th June 2011, after which enrollment would be closed.

Advertisement regulation: Advertisement of the program would be regulated through various newspapers and our official website. An invitation mail will also be generated to various media organization for covering the overview of the discussion.

Contact the undersigned for further details:

James Richard

Managing director

Contact number: 6897987