Social media marketing proposal is presented by a social media business depicting their plans of marketing plans related to particular business. This kind of proposal should be constructed with utmost efficiency and articulately so that the plans are clearly realized by the concern people.

Sample Social Media Marketing Proposal

Title of the proposal: Proposal for marketing of newly established social media website

Name of the social media website: Unity

Date of issuing the proposal: 4th November 2011

Proposal created by: Tim Shiao

Sales and Marketing Head

About us:

With a strong desire of utilizing highly scalable and accessible communication techniques for social interaction we are opening the new social media website. In recent times, there are numerous social interacting sites across the world. All of these sites are highly utilized and appreciated by people. This shows that social networking is highly gaining importance now days. We are creating one such medium through which people can stay connected with their dear ones across the globe round the clock.

Moreover, the uniqueness of our social networking sites depends on its other utilities. Professionals can also utilize this site as well to keep their business going on smoothly. There are various new features which is not there in any other sites would help to serve this purpose.

Marketing regulation Plans: Marketing regulation would be done through print media and electronic media. Even through various search engines the process would be regulated in large scale.

Website launch: 1st December 2011

Last date of accepting the proposal: 15th November 2011