Software is one the most important forays that support various types of businesses. A software construction proposal is centered on the construction of a state of the art software unit that is meant for focusing on a number of operations for the commercial purpose. The software construction proposal consists of various objectives and the functional details to be seriously taken into consideration by the company and its business partner, i.e. to whom the proposal is made. From a general perspective, the business partner in this case is the local government or the concerned administrative authority in charge of software construction related matters.

Sample Software Construction Proposal

Name of the company: Potter Realty Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 89 Flock Avenue, Portland – 34, Oregon, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Aaron Drakes

Total time-frame for completing the project: 12 – 15 months

The estimated budget for processing the project: $ 12, 00, 000

The work details of the software construction proposal:

  • Deciding upon the clauses of the commercial venture with the business partner, in this case, the administrative authority.
  • Optimizing the costs and implementing modern technology in building the software construction unit.
  • Maintaining the safety regulations and also keeping a tab on the application of the environmental norms.

The specific objectives of the software construction proposal:

  • To establish a continuous source of revenue earnings for the concerned administrative authority.
  • To provide with a world class example of software construction with ample facilities.
  • To create a business relation with the authority.

Signature of the proposal coordinator: Miss Lucy Parker