The software project proposal is a method through which new software ideas are put across to the company for approval and development. It is important that such proposals have a detailed description of all the technical requirements needed for the new software. There should also be mention of the profitability if and when this product is to be launched. It is important to create this proposal with the utmost professionalism. Also, this can be created by employees within the company or outsiders looking for financial and brand back up. Irrespective, the proposal should be direct and precise to gain favorability.

Sample Software project Proposal

Name of Company: Orion Software Ltd.

Proposal Created by: Tiramisu Chat, Software Engineer (employee of the company).

Date: 3.6.2012.

Proposed name for Software: XXY software.

Proposal Outline:

This software will be created for detecting viruses within mobile phones. With the advent of 3G and android phones, there has been a necessity to create an antivirus software for the mobile phone which will be easy to install and will have monthly charges accordingly.

Product functions:

  • Detect and exterminate viruses.
  • Create back up files for the infected data.
  • Scan the mobile monthly for viruses.
  • Update the antivirus accordingly.

Profitability of the Product:

  • Not enough cell phone antiviruses available in the market.
  • Low cost of only $20 per six months.
  • Various users of 3G and android phones and the number of users are growing.

Risk factors:

  • Might take up too much space as compared to the memory capacity of a cellphone.