A software sales proposal is usually a commercial document created to promote the sales of any particular software created by an individual or a company. The proposal is created with the sole intention to market the software in an influencing way and to achieve a strong foothold in the software sector.

Sample Software Sales Proposal

Proposal submitted by: DILUTE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS

Product:  Our Company presents software which operates a webpage through which all the leading sites can be accessed at a time as the logos of all the sites are there in one page.

Product description: The product or to be precisely the software is a revolutionary one. By using the software all the leading accessed sites like Facebook, Orkut, Picasa, Gmail, My Space, Way2sms, Google, You Tube options are available in the  same page and the effort of typing each name every time will be gone. The logo of each site is given and by just a click on that logo the site opens in a new tab. The page also has colourful graphics and provided with recent updates on global news at the right hand corner of the page.

Subject of proposal: The proposal is made for the proper marketing of the to-be launched site. All the metropolitans of the city should have a tabloid of the product.

Purpose behind this proposal: The proposal is created solely to attract the eyes of the interested and renowned software companies so that the software gets launched under a reputed company and other clients also get interested in the creators work. Also the software will get its deserved popularity and execution.

Target customers: The software is targeted at nay software related client base because now a days people from all age group are associated with social networking, still just because the youth are more linked with them the software will be primly be targeted to satisfy the young generation.

Pricing: The software will be priced somewhere between $50000 to $75000 depending on the reputation and liability of the client.

Daniel Frost

Product Supervisor

Dilute Software Solution