A software technical proposal is an offer written in a well documented form to give the clients all the details about the software and its technical aspects. It will have all the technical information about the benefits and usefulness of the software. This will give all the specific details about the software in the formal way. The client has to be given all the authentic information about the software to make the business relationship feasible.

Sample Software Technical Proposal:

Name of the organization: Kingman Software Ltd, Barry, South Glam organ

Proposal prepared by: Sally Ellison

Technical Software Engineer,

Proposal submitted on: 11th June, 2011

Proposal Submitted to- Mr. Andrew Jean, Head IT Department,

Newcastle Group of Companies

Purpose: To present the detailed information on the software named as Business Process Management (BPM) with its RFI/RFP Template. This software offers 584 features and functions to help the clients save the time and make their process business friendly.

Aims and objectives:

This software will aid the client in various processes like form management, process analytics and support for product technology etc.

Details of the technical solution proposal:

We are working in the field of software development from last couple of years. We have prepared some successful software for market leaders in IT industry. The Business Process Management (BPM) is our recent launch which will help your organization in saving lot of time and money. It will also make your business processes customer friendly and highly efficient. We can provide you with a demo if you are keen on it.

With Best Regards,

Sally Ellison