For creating a particular special event proposal, there is no fixed body which creates it; it may be formed by any organisation or individual to draw the attention and sponsorship of prospective clients for an event which is not for the mass in general but targeted towards a selected section of the society.

Sample Special Event Proposal

Event Organizers: The Michigan Handicrafts Society

Purpose: The organisers are planning their fifth Annual Handmade Candle Exhibition and aims at seeking interested sponsors for the event.

Date of the Event: August 5, 2011.

Event Planning Details:

  • The event is to be held at the La Acosta Hall.
  • The hall is 6000 square feet and can accommodate a good many five hundred number of spectators at ease.
  • The event will be attended by the entire well-to-do socialites and high profile persons.
  • Proper arrangement of refreshments for the visitors and organisers.
  • A separate musical setup in the form of live orchestra to give the exhibition an ethnic feel.

Estimated Budget for the Event: $ 20000

Media Partners: The publicity of the event will be handled by BLS News and 56.32 radio station. The print media will also take charge and all the local dailies will be informed.

Event publicity will start from: 16th July 2011.

Last date of collecting sponsorship for the event: 15th July 2011

Sponsors who are interested to patronise this event are requested to contact the under referred person and sponsorship will be accepted only on timely response to this proposal.

For further details contact:

Alfred Mistron

Head of Michigan Handicrafts Society

Annual Handmade Candle Exhibition, 2011.

Contact number: 88779090

Website: www. Michigan Handicrafts