Sports education proposal documents any particular plan related to a sports education program or project that is intended to be initiated. Such a document should be so framed that it must enumerate the detailed overview of the plans to be effected.

Sample Sports Education Proposal

Proposal for Indoor Sports Education

Proposal presented by: Sir Don Bradman Institute of Sports Education, USA

Date of presenting the proposal: 6th July 2011

Executive Summary:

Sir Don Bradman Institute of Sports Education was setup in Minnesota 15 years back after the name of famous sports personality Sir Don Bradman. We facilitate teaching of various sports like cricket, tennis, football, badminton etc. We have more than 170 professional experts specialized in different sports who imparts quality education to the students. Last year one of our students got selected for Olympic.

We stood as a prestigious sports education institute of the country who are gifting the country to best sportsperson every year.

Purpose of the proposal:

We solicit this proposal with an intention to obtain funds and resources for introducing education program related to indoor sports. Indoor sports are gaining its importance due to those who have a zeal for sports but cannot make out time for it. Infact, we would emphasize on imparting education related to indoor sports which would also be beneficial for a person’s health.

Estimated budget for introduction of the education program: $40000-$450000 approximately

Timeline for implementing the plans: Maximum 8-9 months

No proposal acceptance would be counted as valid after 17th July 2011

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