A stock investment proposal is a document which gives information about a company and the performance of its stock and how it will be beneficial to the investor. Most corporations want to expand and start new projects and in order to do that they need funds which can either be borrowed from financing institutes or by offering company stocks to the public who can invest in them. A stock investment proposal must give a summary of its performance, growth figures, description of projects in the pipeline and so on so that the investors are aware of the value of the company. The rate of return on the stock must also be mentioned along with the amount required for any particular project.

Sample Stock Investment Proposal:

Name of company: Silver Steel Co

Address: 32 Georgetown, Ohio

Proposal prepared on: February 12, 2012

Proposal submitted to: Villa Capital

Proposal submitted on: February 14, 2012

Proposal name: Offer for investment in stock for raising funds

Purpose: The primary purpose of creating this proposal is to mention the need for a stock investment offer and how much the company plans to raise from this proposal. Details of the underwriting process will also be mentioned in the proposal

Details of Stock Investment Proposal:

  • The company plans to raise $300,000 through the issuance of stock
  • A shortlist of 10 investment banks have been chosen for underwriting the stock and assist the company for stock issuance process
  • The investment banks will provide consultation and guidance regarding the stock investment and issuance process