A marketing proposal helps the business to pervade intensely among its intended customers and clients. Hence a strategic marketing proposal is very much needed for a business to control its external and environmental factors effectively and efficiently. Therefore, this kind of proposal must depict its plan so that a business could achieve maximum acceptance from its targeted clients and customers.

Sample Strategic Marketing Proposal

Name of the company: Luicy Hand bags                       Date: 4th May 2011

Proposal created by: Kelly Joseph

Sales and Marketing Acquisition- Head


Title of the proposal: Marketing regulation of the new leather handbags

About us:

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of all types of handbags. We manufacture handbags made out of materials like paper straw, wheat straw, sail clothes, PVC etc. This time we are coming up with a range of leather handbags of different colors which would perfectly go with any of the attire one chose to wear.

As leather handbags are of much demand these days, our new creation would surely bring amazing response from the prospective clients.

Objective proposal:

We want to regulate a thorough marketing process of our newly launched product. Therefore, we are looking for marketing clients who would help us in regulating our business effectively for achieving maximum response from the prospective customers.

Marketing regulation plans:

Marketing process would be regulated through newspapers and magazines related to fashion. Moreover, promotional campaigns would be hosted at various places where various celebrity users of our product will participate.

Estimated budget for the entire marketing process: $3500 approximately

Last date for accepting the proposal: 22nd May 2011