A stress management proposal is a document where one presents the ways in which one can manage stress in a work environment and how one can deal with the pressure of everyday work. It is important to maintain a balance between one’s family, health and work and reducing stress should be the goal of the proposal. More and more people nowadays are fall prey to stress-related illnesses and the only way to lead a productive and healthy life is to manage stress properly. The proposal shares certain tips and ideas which will be incorporated in the lives of the employees so that they can become better workers and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sample Stress Management Proposal:

Name of company: Green Leaf Enterprises

Address: 920 Downing Lane, Seattle

Proposal prepared on: February 29, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Amy Williams

Human Resources Head, Green Leaf Enterprises

Proposal submitted on: March 1, 2012

Proposal name: Proposal for creation and implementation of a stress management strategy

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is make an assessment of the factors creating stress among the employees and suggesting ways on how to deal with those stressful situations

Other details of Stress Management Proposal:

  • A survey will be conducted to find out the negative aspects of an employee’s life and how it is affecting his work, health and family
  • A work-life balance program will be started for where employees will be trained in the various techniques of managing stress and embracing certain lifestyle changes to boost their productivity

Proposal accepted and approved by: Emily Lawson

Manager, Green Leaf Enterprises