A tax consultancy proposal is a type of a proposal which is framed by a tax consulting company and is used to propose consultancy services to a prospective client or a client company.  Such a proposal is a formal document which must present details of the services which the consultant is willing to offer and must also state the price for the services. For your reference, a sample of a tax consultancy proposal is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample tax consultancy proposal

Name of tax Consultant Company: Greg Consultancy

Address of the company: D-56, second floor, Henderson enclave, Billy Street, London, UK

Phone number of company: 4730505, 4730950

Name of proposal presenter: Kell Adams, Senior Consultant(Greg Consultancy)

Proposal approved by: Greg Mathews, Owner(Greg Consultancy)

Proposal presented on: 8th May 2014

Proposal presented to:  John Gilbert, Owner, and Gilbert Business Organization

Proposal objective:

This is a tax consultancy proposal which is being presented to propose our tax consultancy services to you. We are experienced and reputed tax consultants who can advise you on various tax issues like income tax, business tax, real estate tax and others.

Details of the proposal

  • We shall be working with your firm as tax consultants whenever there arises a need for advice or consultancy.
  • We shall be employing 2 of our consultants in your service for a time period of 1 year and these consultants would be present at your premises within 2 hours of service request.
  • The consultants will work from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm and would be available for support even through email or phone.
  • The total payment for 1 year of tax consultancy is $7000.
  • We shall be offering advice and consultancy on income tax, service tax, real estate tax, business tax and a few other tax related matters.


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