A Technical Analysis proposal is a document which seeks information on special knowledge of the proposed work from technical experts in the field. Detailed information may be sought on skills, work experience, engineering capability, science or management of proposed quantities and various materials, labor, methods, special tools and techniques, facilities etc. Following is a sample.

Sample Technical Analysis Proposal:

Name of the organization: Pedro Engineering Services, 9251 Western Parkway, Suite 350 Richmond, VA 23233 USA

Proposal to be prepared for: Aston Judd, Technical Representative

Proposal to be submitted on: 29th May, 2011

Proposal to be Submitted by- Mr. Alex, Head, Science Department, Phoenix Institute

Purpose: To seek information on scope of work, intellectual property, effort required, material needed and travel requirements.

Details of the Technical Analysis of proposal:

  • Following are the points put forth in this proposal which elucidate modifications or changes, if any to the specs already submitted.
  • We propose to take care of all IP issues and will have the subcontractor responsible for all deliverables which are part of the proposal.
  • The estimated man hours optimal with regards to effort required are 345 per month and minimum skill level required as put forth in this proposal is that they should be matriculate.
  • The partnering institution ABC enterprises will provide the vendors or subcontractors with all the required draughtsman equipment.
  • The proposed hourly wage rate is $12 per hour and this has been found to be as per the industry benchmark.
  • Capital expenditure worth $120,000 is also needed and the expendable material to be acquired is enough for requirements set forth in the proposal.
  • Domestic travel may be required on need basis for 2 resources per month at a minimum.

Thanking you – Aston Judd