A technical assistance project proposal is a type of a proposal which is sent by an employee of a company to the senior/seniors in order to present an idea of a technical assistance project. The proposal points out to the importance of the project, its objective, the details on implementing it and the possible benefits. The proposal must be formal in nature and should provide a brief idea of the technical assistance project.  A sample is provided below for your reference.

Sample technical assistance project proposal

Name of the Company: Fredson Electronic Products Private Limited

Address of the company: A-34, Putney road, London

Proposal prepared and presented by: Jack Black, Senior Technical Manager

Proposal presented on: 19th September 2014

Proposal presented to: Ross Fredson, Owner

Fredson Electronic Products Private Limited

Proposal approved on: 21st September 2014

Proposal Statement:

To establish a technical assistance helpline and a team of technical assistance executives to provide customer care and technical assistance on matters related to our electronic products.


Through this idea, we can eliminate the number of products that we receive back within the 6 month warranty or 1 year warranty period and will enable us to serve our customers better.

Details of the technical assistance project proposal:

  • We will need to allot a helpline number to our technical department and distribute that number among the customers.
  • For all the products that we manufacture in the future, we will need to print the helpline number and provide technical assistance on the phone.
  • We will need to set a team of atleast 10 people as customer service agents who shall assist customers on the phone and solve their technical errors by guided instructions.
  • We must issue a technical service video for all products and share it on social networking platforms for further assistance.

Estimated cost: $50000